The Stuff We Love

Sunday School

   On Sundays at 9:30am we meet to discuss relevant topics and how the Bible deals with them. 

Family Breakfast

   We meet every second Saturday of the even months to join our appetites for delicious breakfast food and for instruction of the Word.

Starting at 9am. 

Worship Service

   Our Worship Service starts 11am and you will experience a mix of the wonderful Hymns and uplifting praise songs, concluding with a fresh and moving preaching of God's Word.

Family Events

   From a meal at a park to enjoying miniature golf, these events aim to bring an element of fun and encouragement to everyone that attends as we experience each other. Please see our calendar or Facebook page for details.

Prayer Chain

   You can submit a prayer item or ask to join the prayer warriors who pray on behalf of others. Let us know.